SingleCrystal 4.1

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SingleCrystal 4.1

From the classroom to the laboratory to the synchrotron: SingleCrystal is the easiest way to visualize and understand diffraction properties of crystals. SingleCrystal 4 lets you simulate multi-phase X-ray, neutron and electron diffraction patterns, display reciprocal lattice sections and construct stereographic projections of planes or vectors. By combining a simulated pattern with an observed diffraction image, you can auto-index the pattern and determine the orientation of your crystal.

SingleCrystal provides real-time, interactive simulation of key single-crystal diffraction techniques in gorgeous high-DPI graphics. Diffraction geometries include Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) - with optional Kikuchi Lines - plus Precession, Laue (Front-Plate, Rear-Plate or Cylindrical geometries), in addition to standard or weighted Reciprocal Lattice Sections (at user-specified heights). Powder Rings can also be displayed, where appropriate.

Multi-phase diffraction is as simple as adding a new crystal or observed diffraction image to your window. Individual patterns can be rotated or moved relative to each other, toggled "on" or "off", duplicated (to allow "before" and "after" editing comparisons) or copied to other windows. It's a great way of understanding twinning and topotactic relationships.

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