Seat Puzzle for Wedding Plans

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Seat Puzzle for Wedding Plans

Seat Puzzle is the best way to create lightweight mockups for your events. Easily organize your space, manage the guest list, and keep track of RSVPs. Features include:

  • Place tables and seats, the dance floor, the DJ Booth.
  • Maintain the guest list and keep track of RSVPs.
  • Build the menu and see a breakdown of who ordered what.
  • Import a guest list.
  • Link guests together so that guests always sit with their plus-ones.
  • Build a floor plan up to 180 ft by 180 ft. Supports metric system.
  • Includes audio / video and outdoors items for even more types of events.
  • Share your floor plans with your clients, event planner, wedding coordinator, or significant other.
  • Print your floor plan or post it to social media.
  • Works 100% offline.
  • Automatically syncs with iCloud across all your devices.
  • Create and manage unlimited events.
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