HomePass for HomeKit

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HomePass for HomeKit

HomePass allows you to get rid of that old notebook and store your HomeKit device's codes right on your phone or iPad. Sick of writing your HomeKit setup codes down in a notebook you have to store somewhere? HomePass lets you store your device codes on the device you use HomeKit with.

Core Features:

  • iCloud Sync - With HomePass, you can keep your device codes off paper and backed up in your iCloud account.
  • Import Existing Accessories - HomePass offers the ability to easily import your existing accessories, just input the device's code yourself or scan it with either the camera or NFC!
  • Face ID/Touch ID/Passcode Authentication - Secure your HomeKit codes with your face, fingerprint or a passcode.
  • Custom Fields - Save any information you wish per accessory. For example, you could store MAC addresses of devices for easy reference, or specific manufacturer information if you desire.
  • Siri Shortcuts - HomePass supports a multitude of shortcuts for getting codes, accessories and information out of HomePass into Shortcuts.app.
  • Custom Accessories - Add any accessories you have that aren't in HomeKit now, simply fill in the details as needed.
  • Apple Watch - View and re-add your accessories to HomeKit easily with the companion Apple Watch app.
  • Dark Mode – HomePass comes with a dark mode that is perfect for the iPhone X, with automatic switching based on screen brightness.
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