About Us

Why does MacOnARM.com exist?

  • Because all major players want to ride the M1 train, but most of them are not so keen to put the resources into releasing native versions of their apps. Apparently some of them need a push.
  • Because once you install Rosetta for the first app that requires it, there is no easy way out: you keep adding non-native apps until your shiny new Mac is on its knees. It's our goal to provide you with native alternatives.

There are tons of similar sites. How is yours better/necessary?

  • It's the cleanest list:
    • For the moment we're not promoting homebrew or macports (which are truly great for Intel Macs, but for ARM they are a mess right now). Instead, we're promoting compiling apps from source code when there is no easier alternative.
    • We're not promoting apps side-loading.
  • We believe - in terms of native apps - our list is the most up to date.
  • It's privacy-friendly. No cookies, no tracking, no personal data collected. PERIOD.
  • No ads while we're looking for a solution that meets the above criteria.